Live Contact Leads targets customers of a certain age and income in your desired area, gets them interested in a final expense quote, then live transfers them to your phone. Perfect for agents who run insurance appointments or do there final expense business over the phone. 

  • A+ Customer Service
  • Quality Live Transfer Leads
  • Real Time Reporting
  • ​Updated Platform/Posts to CRM/Salesforce

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Live Final Expense Leads by Live Contact leads, On Demand Live Senior Lead Generation.

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Web Based Dashboard

View your live transfer leads campaign while it is running. You will be able to start and stop it right through the internet.

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Welcome to Live Contact Leads, a professional live lead generation company. We can deliver prospects to your phones looking for a final expense quote and transfer the call at the peek of their interest.

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Filtered Database Pulls


We pick through and filter our data base to get to the right demographics before we even call them. TCPA Compliant.

We feature a robust, all digital platform.  We can handle any size volume.  No lag time  We have real time reporting.



We know Final Expense and we know Final Expense Leads even better.  We are a family of insurance salesmen as well as lead generation experts.  

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We take care of all the set up in our live lead Web Dashboard.  We charge no additional fees, just a per transfer cost.